Friday, October 19, 2007

The Cars- Rolling Out in PS3 Games

Platforms: DS, PS2, PS3, PSPS, Wii, 360
Genre: Racing, Adventure game
Release Dates: Oct. 29, 2007

After the successful movie release by Pixar titled The Cars. They already made it in games.Now THQ is bringing out a sequel to this game, despite the lack of a sequel to the movie. Titled Mater-National, this new Cars game brings back many of the key characters from the film, as well as the actors who portrayed them, for an all-new adventure. This game was made actually for the kids.

The Movie: The story run when Lighting McQueen preparing for the car race 2006 Piston Cup.

The Game: The gameplay was similar to the last Cars game. The game is an arcade racer through, with the simple controls and easy driving mechanics for the kids. It includes also the new minigames and new race called Monster Mash.The characters are monster truck with the multi player in Cars is a good bit of fun for everyone.

Other Feature:

-Story based on movie and relives the key moments of the movie.
-Burn Rubber on over 30 races and minigames.
-Explore the open-world of Radiator Srpings.
-Speed to be finished line over 10 plyable characters.
-Make friends eat your dust in multiplayer.
-Features major talent the movie.

Car is the game that really enjoyed by the kids. This type of game is match to kids, and aside form the teens car racing games they can show their real strategy in car racing game. Cars is a great rental and good to buy for fans of the movie.



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