Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ratatouille - Rat in PS3 Games

Ratatouille – is another ps3 game version based on animated movie film of 2007. The rat who dreamed of to be a chef in Paris...

The Movie: An animated film of Pixar and directed by Brad Bird. It's a story of rat named Remy, which tries to live the life of a gourmet with his keen sense of smell. With brother and father they in a colony attic of a French country home country home. With discovering with his talent in smelling, his clan put him in as sniffing for the rat poison in their food. When Remy separate with his colony and drains to Paris on a cookbook by Gusteau the namesake of a restaurant, run by the former chef Skinner. He meet the young man named Linguini with no culinary talent, hired as janitorial duties. As he cleaning the kitchen he accidentally spills pot of soup and attempts to cover up by the mistake by adding random ingredients. As Linguini falls in kitchen gone by his hope and tries to escape the mess what he done. Remy make some way and do some action not to fire Linguini and he catch Remy in the act same as Skinner catches Linguini and adventure between Remy and Liguini as the part of the kitchen in restaurant started.

Ratatouille will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc in North America on November 6, 2007.

The Game: The game will follow the basic flow of the story. The player will control the rat with help of Emiel who guide the player to control the game. In the the player can get all information in game need in journey of the game. Just like the other 3D games, the character models are detailed just like they do in movie and with on board voice of all the actors in movie.

Feature in PS3:

  • Over 30 challenging missions and mini-games.

  • Players can dash, glide and slide through 6 action packed works filled with enimies.

  • Can play with a multi-player

  • Relieve the movie's most intense action senses through the eyes of Remy.

  • Will allow players to create culinary masterpieces and detection from the hungry and dangerous enimies.

Platforms: DS, PS2, PS3, PSPS, Wii, 360
Genre: Action
Release Dates:
June 28, 2007 - Russia
June 29, 2007- US / Canada
August 1, 2007 - France
September 6, 2007- Australia
October 12, 2007 – UK

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Ezhel Romero said...

This one is cool!very informative, I never thought there was a PS3 games for animated movies, it's fantastic!

qwert said...

The game is unique (applying culinary expertise in some portions)...never heard some games like this before...